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Traditional methods for completing a karyotype can be arduous and inefficient.  Because of the numerous steps required with existing methods including photographing, developing, hand cutting, organizing, and preparing a karyotype report, the urgency of test results is often bottlenecked by the inability to overcome these obstacles. Surmounting these barriers is quickly accomplished with the implementation of the Karyoview® system. 

Designed by a team of physicians, researchers, and computer engineers who worked in conjunction with cytogenetic laboratories throughout the United States, South America, and Western Europe, the result are an impressively intuitive and sophisticated semi-automatic karyotyping system. 

While the features of the system speak significantly to the solutions of the problems, another significant attribute is the remarkable financial value of such a robust system.  The systems are available in several configurations depending on a laboratory's needs, with base
systems priced from US$16,000.   Providing rich benefits in productivity and fiscal responsibility are of the core values at elja®.

Why Karyoview®?

Karyoview® can help you and your lab. Karyoview® has an easy to use, perceptive interface (explore the software) to get your work done quickly and effectively. Karyoview® is the result of 40+ years of development and refinement based on client input and laboratory usage. It is one of the leading systems for genetic imaging and analysis worldwide. Modules for clinical applications include karyotyping and metaphase scanning. Our systems are based on superior components, and backed by an exceptional service and support network. Your Karyoview® System will be working for you for years. At elja® you get more than a great system you get the tools to maximize your bottom line.

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*As of 2017, Karyoview® 9 is available for sale of export to Canada, South & Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. Please click here for more information. Delivery to USA is forthcoming.
**elja, inc. reserves the right to change hardware, software, or design configurations without notice.