Karyoview® has been designed as a solution to manual karyotyping. The focus is on convenience, accuracy, productivity, all at an extremely reasonable price point. With this in mind, we invite you to consider the following options and contact us for specific purchasing and financing options.

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Featured System:

The Heavyweight
Priced From US$16,000

the benchmark of Karyoview® performance, this is the fastest, most stable system we have ever offered
options include a huge 22" digital LCD flat panel monitor, this is the best option for dedicated chromosome analysis
includes a photographic quality digital color laser printer that generates outstanding chromosome details and report presentation
features Pulnix CCD camera
*As of 2017, Karyoview® 9 is available for sale of export to Canada, South & Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia. Please click here for more information. Delivery to USA is forthcoming.
**elja, inc. reserves the right to change hardware, software, or design configurations without notice.