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We know that one of the biggest hurdles for any great solution is the price. For that reason we have made things easy by offering Leonardo® for under US$20,000.

**(Please note that our 2017 Leonardo
® (June 2017) model is around the corner and we have made some very exciting redesigns that you will clearly benefit from! Contact Us for pre-ordering and special first come, first serve discounts.)

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Since counter space can be so limited, Leonardo® has been designed to feature a small footprint that can be easily set up on any standard depth lab countertop. To see more of its look, click here

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Leonardo® is about getting things done.

Leonardo® is an Automated Chromosome Banding Staining System that offers precise software control (via laptop computer) and reliable walkaway efficiency.

Leonardo® has the ability to configure numerous banding processes including:
  • G, R, CT, NOR, DAPI/DA
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Leonardo® can produce and stain chromosome bands using different unique customizable protocols. As these protocols can varying depending on lab settings, needs, and procedures, the intuitive Leonardo® Software allows users to modify most every aspect of the staining process in order to duplicate manual techniques with far greater accuracy and reliability.

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Leonardo® allows a user the ability to define, modify, run:

  • number of steps in a protocol

  • agitation assignment

  • amount of time in air or reagent
  • depth of slide in each reagent
  • quick - slow dry time
  • de-oling & deparaphinization

Leonardo® includes many options including three slide holder sizes (small, medium, and large) and matching reagent container templates that allow the user to run from 1-24 slides at a time.  This flexibility minimizes unnecessary reagent waste and allows varied run size depending on your sampling volume.   
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The Leonardo® platform offers many unique advantages. One particular is the ability to configure its use for dedicated (automated) slide washing routines. Flexible and reliable, Leonardo® SlideWasher™ allows you to fill your containers and let the slides process autonomously. Simply select your protocol and walk away. For more information on this and other configurations, please contact us.
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All of the products we design, manufacture, and sell are guaranteed with one of the best warranties in the industry. We offer a 36 month top-to-bottom coverage including technical support and service updates. This is not a service contract, it’s our promise and it's included with all of our products.
**elja, inc. reserves the right to change hardware, software, or design configurations without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.