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Leonardo® Molecular - Extended Capacity Series (ECS) is an evolution of the benefits from our original Leonardo®. With this single platform you have the ability to AUTOMATE your protocols and fully cover all of your Karyotype/Chromosome Banding, FISH, and Microarray processing needs in one solution. This flexibility allows a team to process various slides with differing technologies, and from differing sample sources.

A snapshot of what
Leonardo® Molecular ECS can do includes:

-Banding (G, R, CT, NOR, DAPI/DA)
-FISH (Pre/Post Hybridization)
-Microarray Processing

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With Leonardo® Molecular ECS it's about getting things done. Some of the advantages of AUTOMATION has include:

-Standardize a process (workflow)
-Yield consistent [predictable] outcomes
-Save; time, money, overhead, wasted consumables, etc.
-Increase staff productivity and reliability
-Avoid human error

With the introduction of
Leonardo® Molecular ECS you now have a Chromosome Banding, FISH, and Array Processor that offers you precise software control (via laptop computer) and reliable walkaway efficiency. As protocols can varying depending on lab settings, needs, and procedures, the intuitive Leonardo® Molecular Software allows users to modify most every aspect of a procedure in order to duplicate manual techniques with far greater accuracy and reliability. Leonardo® Molecular ECS allows a user the ability to define, modify, run:

-number of steps in a protocol
-agitation assignment
-amount of time in air or reagent
-depth of slide in each reagent
-quick - slow dry time
-time and temperature runs of water baths
-turning on/off of water baths

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Leonardo® Molecular ECS is a unified solution that will allow you to work with the latest technologies regardless of the vendor. Below you will find some of the most popular protocols that can be programmed to run on Leonardo® Molecular ECS, and what's even better is that all tweaking can be done in real-time with nominal effort.

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Since most lab equipment is not that fun to look at, we spend extra time designing Leonardo® to have a great looking exterior on top of it's awesome dependability and features. Why? Why not. Click here to view the results.

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All of the products we design, manufacture, and sell are guaranteed with one of the best warranties in the industry. We offer a 36 month top-to-bottom coverage including technical support and service updates. This is not a service contract, it’s our promise and it's included with all of our products.
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The Leonardo® platform offers many unique advantages. One in particular is our ability to customize its configuration to your specific needs (e.g ozone filtration configuration, additional stations, etc.) If there are changes that you would like to implement, please contact us and we'll be happy to work with you.
**elja, inc. reserves the right to change hardware, software, or design configurations without notice.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.