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One of the most common and frustrating problems for cytogenetics laboratories is the great variation found in the spreading of metaphases that occurs as the weather and environment conditions of the laboratory change throughout the year. Poor metaphase spreading results in poor chromosome distribution and leads to marginal sample quality, and in the most serious circumstances can result in diagnostic errors.

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Having been witness to this problem and other consequences (having to repeat the slide preparation, spending more time than available for prompt analysis and reporting, and having chromosome banding with great variability), elja® has designed Monalisa®, a Controlled Environment Metaphase Spreading Hood.
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Monalisa® is a fully user software controlled (via laptop computer) ambient conditions chamber. It allows you to control air flow speed, internal humidity, and temperature, and measures these and numerous other conditions on an ongoing basis (see below chart). While we have implemented and included numerous protocols for your starting point (e.g. bone marrow, peripheral blood, tumors), you will be able to fully customize and/or create new protocols to meet your needs.
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User Controlled Conditions
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We realize that certain laboratory equipment setup can be cumbersome and often requires outside assistance. Monalisa® on the other hand, is easy. Simply power up, press Create Protocol, choose your selections, and you're ready to work.
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Step I: Main Menu
Based on our critically acclaimed software interface design, we have brought the most direct and effective menu system.
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Step III: Control Panel
Once in the control panel you are ready to confirm, calibrate, and conduct you metaphase spreading. With summarized information throughout the interface, you can easily adjust most any variable.
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Step II: Create Your Protocol
The protocol creation is as easy as selecting from pull down menus and inputting a few variables.
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Hand crafted from the same family of materials that bullet proof windows are fabricated from, Monalisa® has been built for both utility and durability. We integrated all stainless steel metal parts, including all screws, as well as silicone hand inlets for non-allergic working interaction. One of the most convenient design features is the ability to view your work space in an unencumbered manner from all perspectives. The size of Monalisa® is further leveraged as it may be used in a seated or standing position. Additionally, we included carbon activated filter inserts that will keep you and your working environment clean and comfortable from noxious smells and contaminants. Click here to view images.
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The control panel is where much of the fun begins. Rich in features, yet simple and intuitive in use, Monalisa® achieves its success by letting you be in control.
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Borrowing cues from aeronautical instruments, Monalisa® status display has been designed such that at a quick glance you will have all of your critical ambient condition data summarized and available.
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Developed during the prototyping stages, we found that users would often like to add lab notes to the established protocols. These notes can be saved, printed, or even emailed for further review or permanent storage. An invaluable tool when perfecting your process.
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The graphing system included in Monalisa® is thorough and rich in detail, as it is meant to assist you in trending changes as well as give you an accurate visual representation of the quantitive milestones Monalisa® reaches. Additionally, the graphs are color-coded to match font colors in the respective functions (e.g. Red=Interior Temperature Read Out)
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Elapsed Time
The elapsed timers included in the Control Panel measure Step Elapsed Time as well as Total Elapsed Time. These instruments allow the user to maintain meticulous measure of timed events.
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We introduced screenshots as a method to precisely document both graphical and numerical data when assessing the quality of protocols or during calibration events. Screen shots are saved to a unique directory or may be associated with a specific protocol.
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We continue to find that a growing tool of importance is email and the collaborative dialogue that it provides when implemented properly. Lab techs are able to save protocol data, notes, screen shots, and then send them to the Lab Director or other colleagues for review or internal publication.
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Air Velocity Control
We designed Monalisa® to be capable of offering a very dynamic range of air movement. The computer controlled fans are capable of 0-4700 RPM offering 185 CFM airflow, ample power for most every protocol setting.
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Options Menu
Monalisa® offers quick access to customizable options.
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Temperature Control
Using cutting edge humidity and temperature sensors, located both internally as well as externally, Monalisa® collects, logs, and stores measurements.
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Relative Humidity
We use relative humidity sensors that change capacitance
in direct proportion to ambient relative humidity. An
internal solid-state band gap transistor provides
temperature measurement. Such design provides for excellent reliability for complex ambient condition management as found in Monalisa®.
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Main Menu
There is nothing quite like the "Back" button. We have included it for easy switching to the options menu. Simple, yet effective.
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Save Protocol
We realize that sometimes you will find your perfect conditions in an unexpected manner. For these moments, we have included a "Save Current Conditions" feature. It allows you to save and name your current specs as a protocol for future use in real-time.
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Monalisa® is capable of assisting you in achieving excellent reproducibility of proper metaphase spreading by giving you the ability to control atmospheric conditions and then replicate them year round. Furthermore, Monalisa® allows for:
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Time Savings
Once you have established your ideal spreading conditions, you only have to pull up a protocol to let the system self calibrate. The ability to consistently duplicate ideal environmental conditions is a huge time saver, as you may better direct your metaphase spreading outcomes.
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Magic (just a little)
As with all of the products we design, we know that a lot of the "Magic" comes from designing practical systems that actually resolve a problem. In doing so, it helps you apply your expertise and reach your goals.
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From the cabinet, to the software, to all the features, Monalisa® has been designed to act as the multi-tool of ambient conditions.
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All of the products we design, manufacture, and sell are guaranteed with one of the best warranties in the industry. We offer a 36 month top-to-bottom coverage including technical support and service updates. This is not a service contract, it’s our promise and it's included with all of our products.
*All specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice. Not intended for explosive or highly flammable applications.
*elja, inc. reserves the right to change hardware, software, or design configurations without notice.