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At elja®, we're not so much in the Life Sciences business, as we are in the problem solving industry. Every single day our entire team is busy applying problem solving processes ranging from proprietary algorithms to downright incomparable determination in order to make a solution. Our routines are no more complex than the time consuming efforts of experience and redemption, thought and analysis, trial and error, and a try and try again attitude. Since we have spent a better part of our four decades creating solutions for others, we are now, after much demand, creating a dedicated program with an outstanding team of Scientist, Engineers, Builders, Clinicians, Doctors, and a Business Mind or two for added flavor. This group is partly housed in our Glendale offices, yet our entire team constitutes all of our strategic partners and joint venture aficionados with whom we work with every day.

One of the driving goals of the
Make Solutions™ Happen Program is to change the way in which the life sciences innovate and implement new technology. We want to create a mechanism where we will be able to make solutions to the real, everyday problems, and do so in a timely and cost effective manner. Moreover, this program is not intended to cater to only large organizations, in fact we love working with the small and nimble, as productivity needs and resource constraints are often the best drivers of all.

We now encourage all participants to tell us your problem(s) so that we can make your solution happen. What we're looking for is a thorough enough explanation of the problem so that we can understand the points of frustration, the limiting factors, the need, and the opportunity. We also need a starting point suggestion (if you can come up with it) as to what type(s) of technology could resolve your issues. Some suggestions:


Upon receipt, we will provide you with proper documentation for your review and approval prior to the commencement of any work (Terms of Service). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by using the: Make Solutions™ Happen Form

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