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Oslermedicine® commenced development a decade ago with the objective of providing outstanding & measurable clinical, laboratory, patient, and insurance (payout) results. It is a program designed for these stakeholders, yielding health care providers better tools, addressing patient responsibility and freedom, developing labs greater flexibility, and assisting insurance providers better overall health reimbursement performance.

With a very sophisticated technological skeleton nearing artificial intelligence, it is comprised of a software and hardware infrastructure used to manage patient information which includes intelligent agent software technology and fuzzy logic components.

We are currently expanding our initiatives with an innovative approach to the monitoring and treatment of Chronic Diseases through the implementation and creation of advanced information technology and wireless telecommunications including Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Chronic Respiratory Disease. elja® intends to create a framework for the remote monitoring of patients with chronic illness.  The opportunity is to incorporate this framework into existing hospital, insurance, or medical call system/monitoring infrastructures, but in a significantly more reliable, cost-effective, and timely manner.

As we continue development and validation of how Oslermedicine® streamlines work for clinics and EMR offerings, we invite you to check back for updates and let us know of any comments by emailing us at