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In 1968, ELJA,INC. began applying a systematic methodology to its R&D endeavors. The process is unique in a number of ways; while we have meetings to discuss benefits and hurdles of differing features and aspects of any given device, we spend a substantial time in prototyping and testing - both in the virtual and real world. We are always striving to create systems of great innovation at best, great utility at worst. Our theory is that much of the manually or analytically processes found throughout the life sciences can benefit by structured software/hardware applications. Read More...

Home Cold Remedies

Home Remedies for Colds

Are cold symptoms making you feel miserable? Here are 12 cold remedies you can use right now -- at home -- to feel better.
Cold Remedy #1: Drink plenty of fluids to help break up your congestion. Drinking water or juice will prevent dehydration and keep your throat moist. You should drink at least 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water daily. Include fluids such as water, sports drinks, herbal teas, fruit drinks, or ginger ale. Your mother's chicken soup might help too! (Avoid cola, coffee, and other drinks with caffeine because it acts like a diuretic and may dehydrate you.)

(Link to Article: http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/cold-guide/cold-remedies)